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"Hand Thrown and Hand Built Pottery Made In Winston County, Alabama By Two Local Southern Girls"
Ann Waldrop


Ann grew up in Russellville, Alabama and has lived in Winston County, on beautiful Smith Lake, since getting married 10 years ago. Over the years, she had taken various art classes, but nothing really caught her interest until taking a pottery class. Working with clay was an instant hit! What started out as a class for fun soon became a passion! Now, several years later, that passion remains and has just grown with time. Almost every spare hour is spent in the workshop, designing, creating, cleaning up green ware, glazing and firing hand built and wheel thrown pottery.

Kim and Ann were best friends in
Jr. College and lost track of each other for 23 years. They met up again on Facebook, and it was then that they realized they had lived in the same town for years without ever running into each other.

Ann: "When we reconnected, we picked up like no time had passed. One day I told Kim we were going to take a pottery class. She looked at me like I was nuts, and said, "We are doing WHAT!?"

"Both of us HATE to get our hands dirty, so she couldn't believe I was serious. She REALLY didn't want to, and protested, A LOT! But once we started the class, we were hooked and have been making pottery together ever since!"
Kim Hale

Kim grew up in Double Springs, Alabama where she still lives today. She is the Accountant/Office Manager for Wilkins Mobile Builders, LLC. She is also co-owner of Halco, Inc., a family owned and operated trucking company. She had never really thought she had much artistic ability so when Ann told her they were going to take a pottery class she protested but decided to give it a try. And from that very first class she was hooked and after several years she is still enjoying it as much as when she started. She spends most of her spare time in the workshop creating, designing, glazing and firing unique hand built and wheel thrown pottery .
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